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West Virginia Grass Fed Beef and Pork

CUSTOM Whole, Half and Quarter Beef ~ CUSTOM Whole, Half, and Quarter Pigs

Pre Order your naturally raised whole, half and quarters of Beef and Pork here for pickup. PRE-ORDERS MUST BE PLACED EACH WEEK BY WEDNESDAY AT 6:00PM. (BEFORE THE NEXT SCHEDULED PICKUP AT THE MORGANTOWN MARKET OR CHEAT LAKE MARKET).

Important Info Please Read:
We are using Paypal as the agent for transacting online sales.

All orders can be paid for upon online checkout by Credit Card or a Paypal Account. We strongly urge you to establish a Paypal Account which will make it easier and quicker for you to pay for your order, to pay for the balance due based on final weight, and for us to refund to you if necessary.

ALL ORDERS will require an adjustment and a payment of a balance due on the adjusted amount based on the final weight of the items you order. This is because we cannot hit the weights perfectly on meat products. For example 1 lb of T-Bone Steaks may be two steaks weighing a final weight of 1.4 lbs. For all orders we will always be sure you get the amount you ordered, BUT in many cases this will require us to go over the product weight ordered.

INVOICES for the Balance Due of the adjusted amount of your order will be sent via email on Friday Evening at 9:00 PM. Must pay by order pick up at the market and please bring reciept. * Market is only open until noon.


30 lbs Hanging Weight Price per lb. 7.49 $224.70

Half Lamb $230.00

Custom Whole Lamb

60 lbs Hanging Weight Price per lb. 7.30 $438.00

Whole Lamb $450.00

*Due to fluctuations in the market and livestock prices, online prices are subject to change without notice. and shopping cart pricing may be inaccurate. Should prices change you will be given the option to cancel your order.



Happy Cows
Happy well cared for livestock translates into healthy stress free meat and poultry products!

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